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Have you ever reached that point where you’re just jonesing for cock? I mean balls trembling, tonsils twitching, mouth watering, jonesing to suck cock. Well, I just got back from having my desires fulfilled and thought I’d share.

It had been building for the past two or three weeks. I thought I’d get to fill my craving last week at the local cruising park, only to have my hopes dashed.

I pulled into the lot a few days ago and there were two cars parked outside the toilet block. Just as I pulled in, I got a call, which delayed me making my way inside. I got off the line as quick as I could and headed toward the door.

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Gay erotic story: Whopper!!

Squirt is a gay hook up site with members all around the world cruising, hooking up and exchanging cruise listings. We also feature gay erotic stories, live chat and gay videos posted by our members. The story below is one of many posted on our site! 

I have never considered myself to be gay at all. However, I would occasionally glance at other guys and wonder. Well, one day I found out what it was like to be gay. I am about 5’9” brown hair, green eyes and 31 years old. My dick is about 8” long, 3 inches wide and I have a strong sex drive. I had been eyeing my boss for a while, his name was Jay. Jay is about 24 years old but looks no more than 18 years old. Jay has boyish good looks, a little shorter than me and about 20 pounds lighter than me, which would make him about 130 pounds. Jay also has blonde hair blue eyes and a very good since of humour.

One day I told him to come by after work, my wife had left me and I needed someone to talk to. Well, he came by and we started talking. I asked him why he made a lot of gay jokes and why they were always aimed at me. He assured me that I was taking him too serious. Then I decided screw it lets take this further. I told him that I was curious about homo sex and asked if I could suck his dick. He protested, telling me to stay away from him, that I was a fag. I explained I was just curious about gay sex and that there was no better to find out than try it. He protested saying that there was no way he was sucking my dick. I assured Jay that I wanted to try it that he didn’t have to participate. I also said “I tell you what, let me suck your dick, you get a nut no strings or obligation. And that if he could hold out for 10 minutes I wouldn’t expect him to return any favours. But if he blew his load before the 10 minutes was up, he had to get me off also. He said ok, but that he wasn’t going to touch my dick and that he had enough stamina to hold out for 10 minutes.

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My first gay experience

** is a gay hook up site where hundreds of thousands of men around the world meet and share cruise listings. We also feature gay erotic stories like below.**


I would have been 18 the first time I had sex with another man. I guess I remember it so vividly as it was my first time.

I had flown over to Melbourne from Tasmania with my Mother and Aunts to attend my Uncles Marriage. He lived down near Frankston about an hour out of Melbourne. It was our 3rd day at my uncles and I had managed to talk my mother into letting me take a train trip into Melbourne. This required me to catch 2 trains. An older diesel train to Frankston and then an electric train to Melbourne. 

The journey in was very uneventful. In Melbourne I did the usual tourist stuff. My return journey was a little more interesting. 

I left Melbourne around 2pm and arrived in Frankston around 3:30pm. I then boarded the diesel train for my destination. when I departed the train I had an urgent need for a toilet. The men’s toilets on the platform were constructed out of corrugated iron they were very old. When I walked in I was suddenly aware how dark it was. The only light was coming through some holes in the walls. The internal structure of the cubicles were timber and corrugated iron. There would have been 8 cubicles positioned in a U shape.

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